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Vegas World Sound Controls



  • AdamC

    Things to try if sound isn't playing on your system:

    Refresh you Vegas World session (sign out and back in again) - Refreshing solves an assortment of problems that can crop up during a long session of Vegas World play.  In general, the more powerful your computer, the less often a refresh will be helpful. but if you play long enough it's a good idea no matter how powerful your device is.  

    Restart your computer entirely - It's possible there are things running in the background of your system interfering with Vegas World's sound.

    Try a different Web Browser - Your choice of browser can often impact the reliability of Vegas World and its features.  If you're using Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari, trying any of the other browser may solve problems. If you are using MS Explorer, trying any other browser almost certainly will improve your experience.

    Make sure no other apps, browsers, or browser tabs are active and playing sounds in place of Vegas World.


  • suzq723

    I already have done this suggestion several time - it does not work - still no sound on most of my games



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