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closet request



  • Samantha

    Thanks so much for your feedback on this.

  • BeckyB3

    We certainly need some way to organize our closets. I can't find anything; it takes for ever. And when you think you have a way to organize, it doesn't match the "items' list. Can someone suggest a better way to organize where outfits can be found. Who can remember the crazy names. Yes, I know you can rename them, but it is very time consuming. How about a search box that looks for something. For example, key in "witch" and all your witch outfits come up, etc.

  • mama kizza

    Hi! When organizing certain items I think that all things should not be grouped in overhead categories example: swimsuits in tops, and all accessories being one despite it being belts, necklaces, etc. A way I would personally organize all the items in the game would be


    Swimsuits as their own category, long sleeves as their own category, short sleeves as their own category(I think you could pull off separating both crop top short sleeve and regular short sleeve shirts but it could also be easier for players to have all Shortsleeve in one category), tank tops as their own category, and a miscellanies section for tops from costume sets like the your wish is my command top.  


    Pants as their own category (jeans or any full-length pants), Mid-length pants as their own category,(like khakis or the Peggy and mindful monk pants), swimsuit bottoms as their own category, shorts as their own category, skirts as their own category, and a costume or miscellaneous category for any bottoms that don't fit under those basic labels. 

    One piece

    You could do jumpsuits as their own category, rompers as their own category, one-piece swimsuits as their own category, dresses as their own category, and costume dresses or miscellaneous dresses as their own category

    I could go on for each and every category but separating the clothing from overhead themes into separate categories that label each piece for the object of what it is( like belts having their own section, jewelry having their own section) can make looking for individual items for your character a lot easier on players!!

    edit: let's say I'm looking to have a skirt for my pants and a swimsuit as my top, having those as categories can make looking for what I need easier and less time-consuming and the items won't be all shoved together. It spaces out how many items you have in your closet. 




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