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Jack Pots



  • Samantha

    The jackpots are a rare win. Here's an article addressing big losses in Vegas World.

    Why Am I Losing All Of A Sudden? 

  • SOLO always

    As you say if the jackpots are a rare win , why is it I know several players that are always winning the jackpots so it can't be that rare if the same are winning them... oh well shame on me for evening asking cause I knew I wouldn't get a straight answer .. enjoy 

  • Samantha

    It would depend on what they're playing. Lucky 7's Classic has a higher chance of getting a jackpot, so you could play there if you want. However all players have the same odds of winning in the games. No one has an advantage to win in the games, including the jackpots, and this never changes.

  • Nancy74

    POT O GOLD!!

    How do I purchase a charm to get this free pot o gold today???  Every time I purchase a charm....everyone in the room gets the charm but I don't get the pot o gold!!  HELP please!!


  • Samantha

    Nancy74 You have to make a Gem purchase to receive the Pot o' Gold Charm.


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