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Easter Charms



  • Jungle Jane

    I wish Vegas World would get rid of  non current Holiday charms on the 1st update after the Holiday has passed and add the next Holiday Charms. I think it would make people more engaged with the game.

    There is an update every 14 days.

    For example on 1/23/23 we had an Update and still had Christmas Charms not Valentine Charms.

                               2/6/23  we got Valentine charms

        Update           2/22 no Saint Patrick's charms

                               3/6   we got St Patrick's charm

                               3/20  still have St. Pat charms

                               4/3  we will have Easter Charms

    Is there a reason why we could not have Easter Charms on the update on 3/20?


    Thank you for listening.




  • Samantha

    Our teams just go by a schedule for what is released in each update. We appreciate your feedback on this.


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