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IMPORTANT: For players who have the flashing screen, please read this post first.




  • Stallion69

    updated  Chrome,  same  problem, same  problem  with  Edge


  • big d3

    same problem


  • Pixie N Surf

    May I suggest players switching to BRAVE browser. I have NEVER had any issues while using this browser and I have been using it for nearly 2 years now. Just a thought. 😊

  • Miasw2

    Foxfire helped me  I dont know how long that will last  Thanks Pixie for the link  Tired of the hoops we jump through to play on this site and all the other flowplay sites

  • JazzyKat

    Updated Google Chrome, same problem.  Same problem with Edge and Brave.

  • billy941

    nothing seems to fix this

  • Denna1

    How do you fix this screen jumping around? I am not a computer savy person


  • lillow

    screen stiill  jumping  .and flashing  tried several browsers  nothing works so far  


  • treetree3

    edge has the same problem

  • bigreddog

    still waiting for repair, always nice when an "upgrade" causes a system failure

  • mech300

    All the browsers still have same issue just wont use Vegas world for a month or so and see if it gets fixed can always go to different site to play


  • lilred4dianne

    Chrome browser has been updated but still having these issues with flashing objects and game pieces





    Tried everything ,still flashing.

  • Boopsie

    Thanks for trying to fix this problem...Chrome is still flashing even with the update. 

    However - I do not have flashing with Fire fox

  • Samantha

    Our teams are still looking into the issue, but it does appear to be caused by the latest updates to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. With that being the case, resolving the issue is out of our hands, and we'll have to wait on updates for those browsers.

    All we can suggest is trying to play through Firefox in the meantime.

  • Beast3

    I cleared my browsing data and it fixed the flashing problem. I use chrome

  • bj82

    tried all browers still same problem not using vegas world anymore

  • TKB

    I was/am having the same issue with Chrome.  However, this morning I opened VW in Edge and it is working fine.  Two things that may help Samantha:  There was a "Quality Update" from Microsoft that was downloaded on May 17th; and I am still using Windows 10 because my older computer does not have the capability to upgrade to Windows 11.  Hope that helps and thanks for your time on this Samantha.

  • sheerose

    Have tried all that was suggested. No good. If this flashing wont go away l will have to leave VW after being on this website for a few years which l dont want to do but have no choice. Please try to fix this big problem.

  • Samantha

    Are you trying Firefox, and that browser is also flashing for you?

  • spinner2

    Hi, I'm wondering if vw is close to a solution for that buggery old flashing problem. Would be nice to hear that there's some progress.

  • BlakeBurton

    I have upgraded, switched browsers, nothing works to fix this.  It is apparent it is obviously a VW issue.Whats the status of the fix?

  • DJ352

    Chrome was updated, Edge is current and tried Firefox and still no luck with flashing screen.

  • kat8

    flashing screen.   I might have to stop using this site.  I think its vw problem and not the user.


  • Samantha

    Again, it is suspected the issue is with updates to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

    For now, you can play on Firefox as it doesn't experience the blinking issue.

  • Eureka

    Playing on Opera fixed this for me, absolutely no flashing. Runs a lot smoother as well.

  • Wolvern

    You can download the game on the Google Play Store for Android.


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