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accumulate coins



  • Lorelei Mist

    Slots, I have found is your best use of charms for coin building, just do not over bet your charms, slow and steady wins the race. Find a good slot with frequent free spins, rf or change out your slot until you hit a good one ;) Hugs and good luck!

  • RainbowInTheSky

    Thanks, Lorelei. Will try! Hard to find one with FREQUENT free spins! lol


  • Miasw2

    Also put slot settings on faster spins,  accumulate slow but steady as Lorelei suggests Good luck!


  • BeckyB3

    Under managing you charms, choose "Stack". This make low clover rated charms equal to larger clover charms. Under charm management, click Auto Manage. Unclick any charms that you don't want to use such as low clover and low number of charms.  The larger charms and larger the amount, the higher you can bet on slots. Don't bet large amounts if you don't have charms to support high wagers.


  • EagleEyes

    How do you put slot settings on faster spins? 

  • Samantha

    EagleEyes When you're in the Slot, click on Pay Table at the bottom of the screen, then check the box for faster spins. For some older Slot games, this option is not available.

  • EagleEyes

    Tysm Samantha, I found it but unfortunately it's not available for my favorite slot " Lucky Stars" but will look for it on the newer slots!  Your help is much appreciated :)


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