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New Places, New Features and New Ideas



  • Miasw2

    Long time VW player here and yes we have asked for most of the ideas and items you have touched on Dazzling.

    I wish I could say we had some success but we have not.  Hairstyles is a particular source  of frustration. Also adding more accessories sold separately but that woiuld underwrite the profit margin I m sure.  So many updates needed.

    Instead we are stuck with  a star by how many friends we have and a no choice and invasio of privacy when it comes to who we can friend or becomes friends with us ( Lucky Lily disaster)

    I  am here for my friends and a few laughs.  Good luck I hope they ( Flowplay ) can indeed make some changes but I dont think it will happen 


  • Dazzling

    Replying to Miasw2 n Max


    That's really disappointing to hear :(, I have been playing since the Game was created and I remember how active the community was. Recently, a lot of players of previous Flowplay games have returned to VW and they are frustrated at the lack of things to do in the game. A lot of people are holding off getting Vip/Elite because they don't see the point without the game developing further.


    I really do hope we  get new hairstyles, outfit aesthetics and more freedom in being creative with your avatar because some people just want that. Yes the slots and casinos are a big thing for some players but what separates VW from other FP games is that you can dress up ur avi better and meet new people. I've  been talking to a few players who seem done with the game but are holding on because of the amount of time they've spent on their account.


    Really do hope Flowplay introduce new and improved hairstyles, avatar features and places as the game needs it.

  • Dazzling

    Maybe Vw could introduce a cafe? and a dance competition and leaderboard to the dance club!

  • Samantha

    The feedback you've provided has already been passed along to our teams.

  • Dazzling

    Replying to Samantha,


    Hey Samantha thanks for replying!

    I appreciate your response, is there any update on any of the suggestions mentioned in the above? Are the teams considering it or thinking of bringing any new features? It would be most helpful if you could let us know or provide a preview if there are any cool new updates coming!



    Thanks so much for your reply :)


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