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high roller big lost



  • Samantha

    The Elite membership doesn't affect your odds of winning.

    The monthly Coins are just a portion of your wagers throughout the month. This is not affected by your winnings or your losses.

    Here's what you get with your Elite membership:

    If you're wagering in the High Roller option, you're betting a huge amount of Coins on each spin in the Slots. This can cause big losses if you continuously bet that amount. You can try lowering your betting amount if you find the losses are too high.

  • Onyx7 N Tahvo

    Well thats the point if you play low or high, it shouldnt be loose for 6 days in slots no spins show at all, it should be fun and it isnt lately and it makes it even worse if you pay for loosing that much :)

  • Onyx7 N Tahvo

    day 7 lost 20b no free spins for a week, or when they come get 5x0 this is not a fair win chance lol


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