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How do you change what bingo card you are checking off if you have bought more than one?



  • okosh

    Great question...I played bingo once...Found this and numerous other problems so have not played again...

  • Xina

    I had this same prob early on but after playing a day or two the additional cards purchased suddenly appeared. It will help save money buy limiting purchase to one $1k card per game. Hope it works for you too and you get to enjoy multi-card entertainment! :)

  • bud740

    All the cards appear together - just move the moose!  The issue appears more when you buy 3 cards get charged for 3 cards but are only given 2 cards - thats the bummer!!

  • Gailann356

    I play Bingo all the time and every once in awhile after I Pick 4 cards and 5000 in bets then click buy it will not change screens.


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