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  • Lunascape

    Hello im pinkish x3!


    Leveling up is easy in Vegas World, all you got to do is spin a slot machine, place bets in BlackJack, play Poker, and lots more! You are introduced to some of these games while the game starts up for the first time, so it isn't that difficult. I would suggest though that it points out the level bar a bit more throughout the tutorial portion, what do you think?

  • Gramx18

    I just did start playing VW & am finding it very difficult to figure it all out. Playing the slots I've got down I believe lol but how about chat. I see the chat space at the bottom right of screen but when you open it simply shows what VW had put in such as players winnning??? Can you chat with friends in your suite? Also messaging friends, can you & how if so? Well I'm sure I'll find more questions to ask in the future but I would duly appreciate it if some kind person could answer just these questions for me because I'm lost. Thank you so much ahead of time & A Very Merry Christmas to all♥

  • MareksGregs

    Winnerx13, You can chat with players in any of the rooms as well as whisper chat (private chat) by clicking on a player's avatar and then clicking "Whisper". Keep in mind that the other player must be online for whisper chat to work.

    If you wish to send a message to a player who's offline, open their profile and send them a message by clicking "Send".

    You can also leave a public comment on other player's profile if you go to their Comments page.



  • Im Free x3

    Dear Reader,


  • Im Free x3

    Thank you Lunascape, this helped very much

  • QueenJordan

    idk play games maybe

  • cash81

    i got clothing gifts from someone, i see them in my profile section under gifts but dont know how to retrieve cloths to wear. can someone please help?



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