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Can't upgrade account



  • celticgirl

    This is the last stand ha i am and my playing name is calticgirlhere  my girl friend joined me as i did not know how i had been playing with out joining ' this  is when it all started vip God Help me i still cannot  play  ' my friend was over the other night we tried to put in a other 20 dollars with the same card nothing it would not take it  bot were prepaid mastercards ' i have nothing still was better off not joining  i got some gems  but cannot change that dreadful picture on my name  tride to but it puts me in as a guest come on this is not hard to work out ' if it was not so sad i would laugh.

                            you gave me a other name celticgirl379 now you have two catherineflannigans   but i can get into celticgirlhere  but with no points and no gems how can one play yours Sincerly catherine as Celticgirlhere ..please please try and look into it ha not funny

  • 1Dante

    same here Kani... WTH


  • seniorae

    I am being told my card is expired and I can't find where to upgrade my card.

  • Breg

    Where are my VIP POINTS???  I don't have an option to download them to my existing account!!!

  • alan531

    Your vip points increase everyday that you log in, and are automatically added to your account only ONCE a month.  You don't have to download anything.

  • mason1234

    tried to upgrade to yip but will not take my wildcoins


  • carol360

    why cant i get my upgrade . man this sucks so much i even have been at level 41 for three months and all im told is some take longer but when i lost all my coins what do you what and i play every day . sent lots for coins and this what we get . come on now .


  • Maripat316

    why cant I upgrade to 20.00/700gems from 9.99/200 gems? Everytime I try it tells me I already have an account.


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