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Monthly News Letter




  • Lunascape

    Employees have not planned on using this feature yet, usually what they do is create a newsletter with new items and features; with their other game they use this feature often which contains 10 gems a month- heres an example of what the newsletter would look like if you got it in the mail.


  • Rerepete

    This is a feature they advertize to entice us to become VIP members.  If they are not going to do this, then please have them remove it from the features of becoming a VIP.

  • AdamC

    The Monthly Newsletter has nothing to do with VIP membership.  If we were to do a Newletter, similar to the ourWorld Newsletter that Lunascape displayed, it would be available to all players, VIPs and Tourists alike.  At this time there are no plans to release a Vegas World newsletter, though that could change at any time.  


  • Spin Love

    i have not ev er seen a newsletter and would like to. Vw needs to open their eyes and ears and start to make changes before they lose members here. I liked it when i first started but it has been going down more with every fix that vw does. You keep taking things away that made the game fun. Now i am having lots of problems like not being about to see when you will level up, at lease we cojld see. my friends have bought my vip for me or i would not be a vip now. I hafdly play anymore cause it is not fun like it was when i first came on. I like to play Bj but it is so hard to win now the dealer can hide 21s and u split and he takes both hands. He should not be able to hide a 21 so u spit and lose twice as much. He seems to always have 20 or 21. If you get a 21 when you go double down and the dealer gets a 21 you should get paid for the double at least. Just not fun cant really talk anymore at the tables deal is too fast for that now. You are killing the socializing. Lets see some p;ostive changes vw.


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