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How are Progressive jackpots won?



  • TEST Lunascape

    Those are live jackpots, its when someone wins the jackpot.

    You will know you won the jackpot because it will say JACKPOT! in golden letters.

  • PebblesRocks

    TEST Spiral thank you for your comment.. 

    I am questioning the, "Progressive" jackpots.  The picture you are showing is a regular jackpot.

    The progressive is the one I see usually at the top of the slot game, where the number keeps increasing constantly. 

    Is that something that can be won?  If so, how and has anyone ever won a progressive?



  • Lunascape

    From my knowledge and experience from Vegas World, I don't think there is a way to actually win the progressive jackpot.

  • ne1

    Several combinations will award 'jackpots' but I believe only a complete line of five jackpot symbols will yield the 'progressive jackpot'. Actually, I haven't yet won the progressive so am just speculating.

  • golddigger

    Actually they can be won - I have hit 3 of them during the past year in Sushi, Big Top Circus and Lost Ruins!

  • MareksGregs

    As golddigger said, Progressive Jackpots can be won! You'd just have to play at the maximum bet and get 5 jackpot pieces on a line. :)



  • deb2828

    They can be won!  I just hit the progressive jackpot in Shoebox for $147 million

  • Dave the Brave

    @PebbleRocks I just read all of the responses; no one TRULY said how the Progressive Jackpots are to be won. Is there some special "trick" or "TECHNIQUE?" And, I bet the MAXIMUM number of coins EACH TIME I am in the slots ($250,000 each spin).

    Can someone PLEASE HELP or offer advice? I have been in Vegas World approximately 7 months; I have YET to win one.

  • Dreamboat65

    I have not idea how many people are on VW worldwide, but knowing it is worldwide I can only imagine that at any given time there are thousand playing a particular slot.  I won a progressive on Day of the Dead about 9mo ago for $314million so they are winnable.  I think it's just there are so many people playing that we just have to be playing max bet & hope we are the lucky one who hits it!  Good luck everyone!!!



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