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  • Kiku Kichi

    All the games are designed to be played with charms, which are purchased with gems, which are purchased with real money. This is how Vegas World stays in business. You can choose to play on this site without purchasing anything, of course, but you will experience big losses from time to time. When this occurs, stop playing whatever game is causing such huge losses and try another game. Or step away for a little while before trying again. Or consider buying gems, to buy charms, which help take the sting out of losing. When I find myself losing badly (sometimes in the hundreds of MILLIONS in coins), I quit for awhile, only signing in to collect rewards, until I feel I’m ready to try again.

  • lu25

    I lose all the time with winning numbers allover all cards. games must  be fixed or hacked.  Losing every time you play the game is not fun.



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