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Getting all of the past gift spins & scratch cards that you get when youre offline



  • Lunascape

    When someone gifts you a scratch card, you will eventually get it at some point... it just depends how many people select and send you scratch cards. It won't give you a bigger bonus, the amount you get will always be random.

  • Lunascape

    Please make a new topic if you have a question.

  • tom dom

    Why is there a limit of 3 cards per day.  I get email stating I get a lot of scratch cards but I don't receive the cards

  • AdamC

    The Scratch tickets are a meant as a modest daily Coin boost, not a means to collect huge quantities of Coins which is what would happen if there were no limit to the number of tickets that could be used each day.   As was previously stated, unused spins are saved in case at some future time you stop getting new Tickets each day from your friends. 


  • jim tom

    can i sell my party passes  or trade in fpr coins DO NOT DO  "PARTIES"



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