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    You can send any player a gift from their profile page. Clicking on their avatar and then clicking on the top entry from the menu that appears (the entry with their head-shot) will open any player's profile.

    Once you have the profile open, you'll see the gift Icon along the bottom of the profile display.


  • cindy 99

    how do  I put vip on my wishlist or any other  but close


  • 2863
  • dj113

    how  can i find out to gave me a gift. the icon is so fast I can>t read it.

  • rosebud31

    I was given a vip pass but wont let me use it tells me need to upgrade its 4 1month from mrskiss1 why won it work she gave it to me 2 days ago plus when I clicked on vip pass it deleated 2 other gifts can u get them back 4 me.rosebud

  • Arron522

    I have been trying 2 friend & gift someone, but keep getting "Error 49."


  • Free to Travel

    Hello,  I was given a charm gift and then asked if I wanted to send one back. Well, that is OK with me, but I did not have enough gems to purchase. How can I find out who sent it when I collect enough gems to return the favor?

  • Monie

    How to gift gems ?


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