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Old Vegas World




  • Official comment

    Create a Help Ticket and let us know you don't like "New" Vegas World to get switched back to defaulting to the old version.  It's no problem.  The game will assume you want the new version once you go there, but if you really hate it, we can keep the new one out of your way.


  • queenb878

    If you took time to investigate you would know foreigner's own VW and many of them do not speak English or care about American Rules.

  • FloridaGurl

    Hi Wolf - I understand what you are experiencing.  What I did was when I logged in I unchecked remember me.  It took me to the new site (which I do not care for) so via the Menu option I switched over to the original version. Once I was in there I logged out and when I logged back in via I ensured it opened up the original site, logged out and when I logged back in and ever since then it takes me directly to the original site and I do not have to mess with the frustration you are currently going thru trying to get to it when logging in.

    Hope it works for you as well :)


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