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buying gems



  • 1BeautifullLola

    still having  problems  with  using  my  our  world  cards  time  it s  there  and when i come back it  gone  whats  going on   VW......VERY  STRESSFULL  ....NOT  GOOD...TY

  • Mrs JaySnowBird

    I just bought 20 dollars worth of gems and it said it took .. but I did not receive my gems I'm do tired of this crap your site is nothing but bs...takes your money from my credit card and don't give me my gems ...I'm going to go to pogo at least they don't rip u off

    I just bought 50 dollars worth of Vegas World Gems with my visa walmart gift card, on 1-5-2016, I still have not received my gems, I checked for the status on vegas world says its activatation pending. Then i called walmart and they say now my card is invalid cause the 50.00 has been taken out and pending in my vegas world account, where is my money or my gems.I need to know why this is happening to me.
  • Cactus Rose

    still can not purchase gems  Have tried several times  takes me to a blank screen I sure hope it is not charging my account and I am getting nothing will not know  till the next bill comes in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why did you change the way we purchased them  did not have any problems till the last update??????????????


  • Clemente

    Having same trouble as everyone else will not let me buy gems any more have tried for last two weeks still no good I know my credit cards on file are good I hope you are not having a security issue can not get a good explanation or any at all

  • mariex1

    i have same problem your over charging us for gems your very greedy,i will complain and pass the word around,that you're cheating us of our money,your a bunch of crooks,very unsatisfied with your bs and your game ripping us off,you'll have alot of complains,oh and another thing the bonus you gave everybody for being vip,i'm still waiting for mine,why didn't you give me my 1000 gems you gave to other people,thats prejudice against me,and i don't like getting discreminated by you rip off artist,i know who you are,i c will complain to head office if i don't get my  bonus gems,i've been vip for the last 6 months and you pull this on me .shame on you for being discriminating against me

  • Isabella8

    My husband bought me a vip and I don 't see where the 1000 gems are. Also, I can't get into the draft in  the sport section. I only have a tablet so is it not availabe for anything but a computer? I would like to put it on my android phone also. Thank you.

  • Notme82

    im having the same problem i cant buy gems and i use this card to purchase loads of things online i get an error saying billing address error 



  • Dia and Stu

    Trying to buy gems but do not want to be tracked by "cookies". So how do I buy gems without agreeing to that?  Won't do it, so let me spend my money and buy some gems.  Take off the cookie requirement please.

  • Samantha


    You would need to reject the cookies being stored in your browser settings. There isn't a way to reject cookies completely within Vegas World. There is only the option to allow or not allow nonessential cookies in your Privacy & Sharing Settings.

  • Kiku Kichi

    Good, common-sense advice!

  • weebit

    Can't buy gems again it says go to pay goole . Com and verify did that and nothing why do you people keep changing thing you always make things worse.

  • Samantha

    weebit, your recent purchases have been made through Google Play. We don't have any control over how the Google Play system works. If you need assistance with making purchases or your Google Play account, you'll need to reach out to the Google Play customer support team.


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