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How do you get scratch off tickets? Anyone know?



  • Esmereldan

    I just asked that, too, as today no one had sent me any so I couldn't just automatically return the favor. Funny that no one will answer.

  • RLTW75th

    This is what I just posted on the other question. Hope it helps you as well.

    If when you sign in sent and you have no tickets from your friends you can go to a friends profile and hit send a gift and at the top of the gift page you will see free scratch ticket click on it to send it and when you do it will ask if you want to send more tickets to different friends I believe you can send and receive up to 5 a day. most people will send you a ticket back after they get one from you and what I do is just keep returning the favor and they almost all the time do the same so almost everyday you will have tickets waiting for you after you scratch the it will ask you if you would like to return the favor I always click yes it is free and takes a half of a second to click the button. Plus if you look under achievements you will see a section on scratch tickets where the more you send and receive you will unlock achievements which in turn equals more coins... Hope this helps. If you need more help my screen game name is RTLW75th

  • MadJackBW

    You must first befriend someone. Then click on their avatar and you'll see an icon for "Send a gift". When you click on that, there will be a selection of gifts you can purchase with gems. At the bottom right of that menu, is a box-"More gifts". Click that and then you'll see a list of gifts and the top one should be "Send a scratch card". These are free. Click on that and your friend will get a scratch card. Then they can send you one back. The coins vary - I've got as much as 10,000 coins. Mostly about 1,500. Good luck. MadJackBW

  • myla2

    how do i talk to others playing the same game public ?

  • Golden888

    well done RTLW75th. Very good posting! GOD bless u! :)


  • JimOnly

    if I purchase elite now.   will it be added 2 my current expiration date ?   or will it cancel  out my remaining days & start anew at purchase date ?



  • double tap

    how do I buy a charm from charm album?


  • alan531

    Just click on the charm you want to buy, and follow the directions.


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