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    The big problem with group messaging is the threat of players 'spamming' other players with unwanted messages.   I don't think that's a big risk provided messages are limited to communication between friends. 

    It's a good suggestion and I'll make sure the developers see it.

    For now at least, the party board will continue to be limited to either All Parties or Charm Parties.  It may be helpful to know that BLOCKING another player will hide all parties they host, so if somebody in particular is hosting parties you find annoying, blocking them may at least help you avoid them.

  • GiGi326

    I agree on this idea JD.. Maybe not ALL your friends at once but at least be able to send to multiple friends at same time ..

    That would be awesome


    Thanks For Bringing it up



  • GiGi326

    I rarely look at party board anymore .. Too many announcements and of course they are made hourly by some  lol .  VW answer is to filter to Charm Parties only.. To me that's not the answer because you would miss all the open or All Parties.. I'm assuming you would even miss the new admin parties as there are not designated charm attached to it.. No pool party , not Dance Club Party etc etc ..  To me the answer seems simple . change the board and party system so you choose, announcement or party .. That way we can either view all the parties or if we choose read all announcements which sometimes are very entertaining lol ..

  • GiGi326

    As to JD's original post.. For example if I have 5 friends I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to, it would be so much easier to be able to do a group email ..  The Greeting card idea would work as long as we would have multiple recipients ..




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