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HELP Is anyone else having problems with wardrobe since last update?



  • cutezebra

    Yes!  I was gifted 3 outfits last night - all 3 are listed separately, yet I can only pull 2 up.  When I try to pull up the third, I get one of the first two ... can't access the third one, even though it shows up in my "closet."

  • RubyB13

    Yes cannot delete any clothes from the closet.  Very difficult to make custom outfits and save them.

  • tanager

    I also can't delete any outfits.

  • MrT210s Scarlett

    Well, I'm sorry to hear others are having problems, but at least it assures me it is a VW problem, and not something going on with my computer.

    I wonder how long before it will be fixed.


  • lil vegas

    how do I get party pases

  • just me27

    my outfits are messed up i put in 1 i end up wearing two, or i click on 1 and its not the one on the picture, who do we have to contact to fix this mess?


  • new4u2

    yes I'm having same problem.  they overwrote existing ones I had.  now I take pics but my album is getting too crowded lol.  good luck to all. 



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