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december 6 2023 free meetings for MVP PLAYERS and levels 30 and up- emails were sent to some NOT ALL




    here is a list of my suggestions-

    UPGRADE YOUR SERVERS- to many peeps are freezing up on a continuous basis-its not our computers, or internet.

    New Designers- these clothes are hideous- items are way to big, baggie, outlandish looking, Sexier clothes , classier clothing wanted. NO Guns, or weapons or kitty killler gloves -Wanted Classier clothing-  HIgh heels wanted more variety in colors.  Mens clothing is also hideous. Hairstyles- need major upgrades- not these huge swatches of color on one side- .Dresses and items held in hand need to be toned down- Way to Big. Can Wipe out a whole room in one of these gowns or candy canes in hand.  etc

    Games- need to loosen up on your games- Loose more than win- Free spins- Most are non winnings- Treasure boxes- need to have more gems and tickets- vs charms.  longer wait boxes- dont give better gifts ( 8 hr purple box recvd a red7 charm) or lemonhead, palmtree.  Others receive thousands of gems or tickets on daily basis- why do some peeps recieve these winnings and others do not? How do you base treasure winnings?  is it your coin?

    Suites need major upgrades- to much clutter and items in suite- we want to pick our own decor and purchase our own items.

    Also on Sea of Riches- Bring back Gems after dec 2020 any new member not allowed to win gems?

    The list continues- feel free to contact me...  Since I was not invited to attend one of these sessions, here is my  two cents worth, feel free to pass long. 


  • rotor

    well said Diamond!!!!


     Poorly organized sessions  yesterday- NO ONE WAS IN ANY ROOM  TO give proper guidance-  or to address the issues at hand- appears these were  Just Bots- shout outs were made in some rooms of changes peeps would like.   Most peeps are paying to be here, why not accommodate us??? 



  • Miasw2

    No straight answers were given when asked why some were excluded I was invited and left ASAP  The whole thing was a big mess.  Badly planned, poorly executed   I do have some things to say but wont be trying to be heard this way




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