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    We haven't received any other reports of problems with Bingo like this one. When we play Bingo the counter counts down normally.   When individuals report problems that do not appear to be wide-spread, and we can't easily replicate them, the first thing we suggest is making sure your browser is up-to-date and/or to try a different browser, to see if the game runs better for you that way.  If the game is failing just the same, no matter what browser you play on, that's enough information for us to dig deeper.  Let us know exactly what you're experiencing, the more detail the better, including what sort of computer and browser you are playing on, how long this problem has occurred, and which version of Bingo you're playing.  If the problem stems from slow or intermittent internet connection, it may not be a problem we can address at all, but will also tend to be temporary.  Complaints regarding internet issues skyrocket every year when there are widespread storms like we're having right now in California and other parts of the country.  


  • Sottotie68

    "reloads" keep happening whenever I play bingo and solitaire games even though I'm wifi-internet connected!?!

    What and why it's happening and how to resolve it.


  • Buddy2832

    won't upload Bingo

  • Susie91

    Can not upload Bingo

  • office

    can't opload games



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