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    All Sports Book wagers, including the odds, come from a Sports Book service we use.  For the most part, games not included are omitted because we didn't get odd from that service.  Things like delays and cancellations can prevent wagers from being available or awarded as well (wagers are automatically returned in those cases.)  We also don't post games where the odds are to lop-sided, though I don't know the specifics about what counts as too much. 

    Coins from Sports Book wagers are added to your total automatically the first time you return to the Sports Book room after the event is completed.  Players who don't return to the room will get those Coins after 72 hours (with not additional notifications.) All your Sports Book results are displayed in the My Tickets -> Results section of the room.  



  • Ryan423

    why have said that I had coins from sports bet`s, well I`ve never place a bet on sports

  • Caprins

    I am looking for someone who can explain to me or maybe even go to the Sports area and show me how to collect my winnings. I have asked a few people but they didn't answer my query.


  • jts

    can not get into sports


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