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  • Cheri the Cat

    Ignore the whiners.

  • gino51
  • Missfire

    I have seen some people complain about "no host" parties...could someone explain to me what the complaint is exactly? I don't know what I am missing and/or what the problem is with "no host' parties. TY

  • Queen Nefertiti


    Some folks just prefer to go to parties where the host is present. They refuse to go to parties without a host. They Claim that parties with hosts are better because the host is there to interact and greet the guest as they enter the room. It's a lot of bull of course. 

    I've been around a while and I've hosted a lot of parties. There are good hosts and bad hosts. Sometimes the host does not make a difference to the success or failure of the party. It's a matter of preference. These players are whining and complaining that the party board is being flooded with parties without hosts. Some players are even blocking the folks that post these parties.

    At the end of the day, we have the freedom to choose the party that best meet our needs.  It's much to do about nothing. 

  • Queen Nefertiti


    I don't know if the host with the most hosted parties is getting paid. I know that VW acknowledged OOKS and another host for hosting the most parties. If they're getting some kind of reward, then I don't know anything about it. 

    Even if it's true, it's irrelevant. Players have a choice to go or not to go to parties without hosts. There is a demand for parties without hosts. I've been conducting an experiment over the last few days. I've posted in excess of 30 parties without a host. Guess what, all of the parties filled within record time. These are cheap parties. New players and players at low levels tend to go to these parties. I don't get anything from posting these parties. So, what's the harm?

  • Queen Nefertiti


    I still say, it's much to do about nothing. If you take a look at the party board, the large majority of the no host parties are labeled in the description. There are a couple of hosts with a lot of parties on the board but they are not labeled. It should be quite obvious to all that these hosts are not present in their parties. There's no need for VW to create a separate party board. That's absurd. There's more than enough room on the board for both types of parties. 


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