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  • oOo CaLiGuRL oOo

    LeVeL Up TaKeS FoReVeR ThE HiGhEr YoU GeT,,,,LoTs Of ChArMs & GeMz!  ThEn YoU Be CaReFuL, BeCaUsE AdAm & ElSa SaY VW is PeRfEcT,,,BuT Ah NO!!  I WaS LeVeL 45 ReAcHeD FiNaLLy ThE EnD & ShOuLd Be LeVeL 46 INStEaD GaMe MaDe Me LeVeL 45 AgAiN!!


  • Vinny D8

    I have been on VW for over 4 years, I have over 23 billion coins, and yet I am still level 36, I gamble a lot but my level meter hardly moves. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?  

  • Kiku Kichi

    Leveling up depends on your bets, so bet a lot to level up. For instance, bet 250,000 coins on the slots and run them all day. You'll lose coins that way - lots of coins. The higher your level, the longer it takes.

  • Charle1

    I play and bet the $250,000 coins per spin and my level up still moves slowly. It said that I needed to spend $689,366 coins to level up in the meter in my profile, BUT I spent over $10 MILLION to get to the next level. So the amount that shows you need to spend to get to the next level is BS. You have to spend twice the amount of coins they say you need to in order to reach the next level. I have literally paid attention and monitored how much spent to get to my next level. How come the GEMS you spend in Sea of Riches, doesn't seem to count toward your betting??? If I spend 100 GEMS per game, how come that want goes towards my coin balance?  We have to pay for the GEMS....You win money and your total goes up that's it. Now that GEMS are no longer in Sea of Riches, I want be buying anymore, or playing Sea of Riches. DAMN, this is suppose to be for fun. Why are you making all these changes and taking away things??? 

  • Natalli

    Leveling up on Vegas World is not based on how much you bet ...
    but on how fast you bet and how often you play the games ....

    in other words if you bet 250k 1000 times you will level up
    at the same rate if you only bet 25K 1000 times .....
    except you would have lost 250m coins in stead of only 2.5m coins
    at the same rate of betting playing the games

    every online and offline video game since the beginning of video games
    like Pacman and Myst, had and has 'leveling up points' for achievement rewards
    and incentive to reach higher goals in playing the game ...
    and to be able to end the game

    in the video game world these are called *XP Points* which is short for
    and means *Experence Points* ....  XPerience ....
    so the more experience you give to the game the more (XPs) points you earn .... 
    and thats how Microsoft later came to use the abbreviation for their 
    windows version *Windows XP*

    NOTE :::: however for some reason Vegas World does not acknowledge
    or refer to XPs as the means for leveling up ....
    in stead they use this mini indicator scale on your profile to show your progress
    towards leveling up ....

    the number on the right shows how many (XPs) points you need to level up
    the number on the left shows how many (XPs) points you have so far at your current level

    the less you play the less you level up . the more you play the faster you level up ....
    however the more you bet the more you lose ... and the less you play
    i think zugzwang said that /o/

  • Natalli

    sooo @Charle1  

    let me clarify to you what i am talking about ..... and n1 else who's interested 

    the "$689,366 coins to level up in the meter in my profile, you needed to spend"
    as you say  ..... are not an amount of coins .... they are meter numbers indicating
    the amount of XPs needed to level up ....

    to demonstrate this point for you i quickly played blackjack and made 14m coins

    if you notice in my post above my "XP" meter shows 813,340 / 1,818,877
    but after winning 14m at blackjack my "XP" meter now shows 814,565 / 1,818,877
    a differ of 1225 XPs of advancement to level up ....

    if those numbers did reflect the amount of coins needed to level up
    i made much more than 1,818,877 and i should have leveled up to 37 ....
    but sadly they're not coins but only level up points .  XP points

    i hope that helps a little



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