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Give Us A Way To Delete our Accounts COMPLETELY



  • Edward Junior

    But if they delete all the inactive accounts, who will win the 100,000 gems contest every week?

  • Queen Nefertiti

    Too funny Edward Junior. ROLMAO!

  • KimChee

    I'm with xoOLIVIAxo on this one. I'm sure that once I died I wouldn't want my avatar to live on in VW. I had a VW friend who died in 2017. I took her of my list, but her avatar lives on three years later. Kind of creepy, but I don't think she had any family who would have been concerned that she still has an online "afterlife." I once read somewhere on this forum that the only way to get completely removed from VW was to commit such egregious acts that VW would have no other recourse but to completely remove you. I don't know what those acts are. Seems like there should be an easier way to ensure your complete removal from this site.


    Yeah, I wouldn't want my account to be here till infinity. Maybe if they gave us a way to delete accounts there will just be a little bit of lag reduced?

  • headhunter

    they are not going to hire someone to research obituaries to find out if said person is dead, alive, in hiding, or just on vacation for a year. so it is in they're best interest to just leave it alone. as I understand, it is hard to delete your own account when your dead already. it's in my will, FIRST DELETE VW ACCOUNT then divide my belongings.

  • Kiku Kichi

    Obviously, you can't delete your account if you're dead. But if other players know you're dead and inform VW of the death, VW can then reach out to said player. That is not a definite solution, but it's a start. Also, if you just want to close your account because you're absolutely done with VW, there should be a way to ensure your presence is completely gone. A lot of people have just abandoned their account but their avatars hang around for eternity, and quite often they win the 100,000 gem contest! I don't think their wins are on purpose; it's just there are so many of them, the odds of an inactive player winning the contest outweigh the odds of an active player winning. 


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