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Anyone else noticing Charms being used up MUCH faster?!




  • Samantha

    Charms have a set amount of Coins they pay out, and how quickly they pay out is determined by how large your wagers are. Whether they're used up very slowly or very quickly, this doesn't affect the amount of Coins they're going to pay out.

    In the Slots, your rewards are already determined as soon as you hit Spin. You're then just seeing the animation of what your rewards are going to be, so certain columns spinning more quickly or longer is just an animation and doesn't affect your odds of receiving free spins.


  • isthatagoose

    back in the day.... a mushroom used to last hours !!  now i am lucky if i get 2 spins before it's gone. yes, i realize the coin totalis the same but then why have charms and just not "coin parties,etc."


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