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Charm Payout List 4



  • Octavius

    WOW, thank you for the time you put into this. I just started doing the same and have just 40 done and my numbers are very close to yours with the exception of the yacht and I am getting closer to 5.2 billion consistently

  • Edward Junior

    Thanks, Kim!

  • tattooedroses

    charms are bs

  • Kiku Kichi

    @tattooedroses: then you probably aren't interested in this list.

  • JoanS8

    do you find that they pay out differently depending on what game you are playing (slots/bingo)


  • KimChee

    Some charms fluctuate, some do not. Those that do fluctuate will have slightly different payouts, but not enough of a difference to worry about, IMO.

  • karinajon

    Hi, where do i click to reactivate charms that I own?

  • Samantha


    You can locate your Charms in your Charm Manager. Click anywhere in the right side bar where your active Charms are displayed. Next, click on the Charm you'd like to revive, and you'll be given options for reviving your Charm.

  • mook7

    Just for fun, I broke down some of the number above to a per gem value.  numbers are based on the values given by Kim above and are approx.   please feel free to check my math, it wouldn't be the first time i hit the wrong key on the calculator.     from this short incomplete list, it looks like box wine is the best value.    cheers   Kai


    Arcane qtz.    4708

    bag of dia's   3802

    beer             4400

    beer keg      4466

    blowfish     4890

    box wine  6057    (424000 coins/70 gems)   highest number for those calculated

    caviar     4287

    cigar  4556    (341733/75)

    gold jet  4884  (9769333/2000)

    helo    4422

    iced vod   5008  (80138/16)   

    jello shot   4370

    lobster   4208

    rabbits foot   58000   (116000/2)  seems high?

    scotch on rocks   5392    (539161/100)   

    yacht   3792   (3792500/1000)


  • Sue Bee1

    Thank you for the latest updates!

  • 2ndchildhood

    Look at the Cupcake Sparkler.  Only a 20 gem party, but at 117,000, that comes in at 5,850 per gem. 2nd Childhood


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