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Reloadable charms



  • Pixie N Surf

    Revivable charms will look like these. 

    Just to show a few. These Charms will stay in Charms section until you either revive or sell them. Some of the Charms you get from SOR are revivable as well.

    Some Charms that you get as a result of the final prize at a Charm Party are revivable. Here is a list of just some of the said prize Charms; 

    UFO Sheep
    Captain Moby
    Snow Bunny
    Lovestruck Ghost
    Chilly Pete

    Any Charm that has 'RARE', 'LTD', or has the V symbol on it, or is gifted as a reward on the 1st of each month for VIP/Elite members, is revivable.

    Hope this helps.

  • Cat3698

    Thank you!  I was wondering about the Monthly Charms.  


    Any chance VW will bring back any 'retired' ones, if there are such things?

  • Cat3698

    Noticed that 'most' of the revivable charms are single (Captain Moby....)  However, have gotten at least 2 Vegas Ricks at the end of a party, and those are clumped together.

  • Pixie N Surf

    You're welcome. I do not work for VW, so I can't answer any questions about bringing back certain items.GL!

  • Samantha

    Standard Charms are able to be revived, and they are not able to be stacked. Other Charms you receive from parties are able to be stacked. 

    Thanks so much for your feedback on bringing back old monthly Charms. 

  • ogeee

    reloadable charms     maria600   maria slots   maria bingo   ghosty ghost   snow fox   mr crab    golden piggy       basically monthly membership charms can be reloaded

  • Sue Bee1

    I wondered the same thing.


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