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2X BANNER DAY for Sea of Riches



  • Samantha

    Thanks for your feedback. The last 2x prizes promotion in Sea of Riches was on August 30, 2022. We're not able to provide advanced notice for when promotions are scheduled in the future.

  • olam3

    we stay here on VW only for the 2 x prizes promotion in sea of riches!!!!! if these promotions are definitively finished say us, and then we can leave....tyvm....


  • Samantha

    The 2x prizes in Sea of Riches has not been removed.

  • omnibus

    doesnt really matter most spins always end up on lowest prize anyway example 2x pay off for 80thousand...pleaseeeeellol


    Thank you Thank you Thank you for the 2x spin to win!! It is worth the wait!! 



  • Gibbs2

    The 2x doesn't always work, just lost out on jewels, charms and money because its glitchy!!!!


  • Midnght

    When spinning on Sea of Riches x2 day, the spin would stop on one prize but I received a different prize. I informed help desk and even sent pictures, but was told that it was a glitch in system and I DID receive the correct prizes. 

    Not trying to be petty about this but .. these were the spins and prizes I should have received:

    Gems - 40   40  x 2 = 160

    Passes - 20, 200, 200, 200, 200  x 2 = 1640

    Extra spins - 6, 6, 3, 6, 6, 3  x 2 = 60

    This also happened when there was coins but didn't take pictures of those.

    I also received 1 of the new charms but didn't receive it.  Tried to upload an image but file was to big. These are the ones I caught so there could have been more.

    VW's answers are always either a glitch in game system or it's your computer not working properly. They never take full responsibility for problems within the game site.

    Anyway, have fun and happy gaming.


  • Pixie N Surf

    Midnght It actually is a glitch as VW Support has stated because it happens to me too all the time. Whenever anyone ventures around VW while in SOR (looking at profiles, party list, outfit store, etc..) or even being in a different TAB, this 'glitch' will happen. So unless you want it to keep happening, it's best to just stay in SOR until you're done spinning.

    Hope this has helped. 😊


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