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why is the game not adding "my charms" visit to my score??
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Why can I not chat or group?
11 votes 6 comments
What counts as a single 'session' in slots?
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Mixing outfits Answered
11 votes 2 comments
Wedding Chapel
11 votes 7 comments
why am I not getting charms
10 votes 1 comment
Can you add a counter so we can tell how many spins we have collected on a slot game? Answered
10 votes 4 comments
12/9 update issues-
10 votes 11 comments
Power-ups disappearing after purchase in Fringo
9 votes 4 comments
VIP Cashback coin card - Do all bets add to our coin card total?
9 votes 7 comments
regarding vip gems
9 votes 4 comments
How do i lock my suite to certain people?
9 votes 4 comments
8 votes 12 comments
how do i get the gifts people give to me
8 votes 11 comments
how do i give party passes how do they work?
8 votes 11 comments
Coin return on Fringo
8 votes 0 comments
buying coins
7 votes 6 comments
7 votes 1 comment
Where are my gems
7 votes 2 comments
free spin multiplier Answered
7 votes 2 comments
I tried to purchase gems
7 votes 3 comments
how??????? Answered
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How do I change my character's gender and apperance?
6 votes 34 comments
Which Slots do NOT Auto-Spin?
6 votes 1 comment
no gem offers Answered
6 votes 4 comments
Slots - missing the cannonball raccoon Answered
6 votes 2 comments
How do I access my different players?
6 votes 4 comments
Blackjack a slot machine or random cards
6 votes 1 comment
Why am I not receiving food/drink charms?
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