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How do I get the rest of the dance moves? Answered
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how do i send coins to a friend in vegas world Answered
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how do i save my character before logging out? Answered
53 votes 13 comments
why can not i earn gems for free Answered
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cancel this account for me Answered
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what's list of moves earned from next level up to enjoy with friends? Answered
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Charms Answered
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Why treat people on the Old site this way Answered
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Monthly News Letter Answered
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Mixing outfits Answered
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Can you add a counter so we can tell how many spins we have collected on a slot game? Answered
10 votes 4 comments
free spin multiplier Answered
7 votes 2 comments
how??????? Answered
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no gem offers Answered
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Slots - missing the cannonball raccoon Answered
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how do you figure out the code for the safe cracker Answered
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New clothes for the men. Answered
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why when u purchase gems u don't get them? Answered
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why can 't anyone see my avatar move and dance Answered
5 votes 9 comments
Party Passes Answered
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How Do You Lvl Up? Answered
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wrong account Answered
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Why does the high scores all ways stay stuck after updates Answered
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Violet1796 Answered
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My saved outfits? How do I find them? Answered
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Dance Moves Answered
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