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Where is the Stunning Sparkle Dress? - Explained Pinned Featured
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IMPORTANT: For players who have the flashing screen, please read this post first. Pinned
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cost of hosting a charm party
32 votes 0 comments
Why I have given up on Vegas World
30 votes 4 comments
No longer want to be apart of this site
28 votes 11 comments
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why can't I talk to other people?
28 votes 14 comments
When I win points they are not being added to my bank ? Help!!!
22 votes 3 comments
Changing payment method for VIP
20 votes 3 comments
How do I buy Hair?
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18 votes 2 comments
how do i buy gems with my credit card
17 votes 5 comments
how come other people can't see me dance and I can't see them dance also
17 votes 7 comments
Is there a problem with using Paypal/Credit card to buy gems?
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slot tournement rules
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getting disconnected
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My last character wasn't saved and I had to make a new one.
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why do i keep getting booted from party rooms
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why is the game not adding "my charms" visit to my score??
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Why can I not chat or group?
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What counts as a single 'session' in slots?
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Wedding Chapel
11 votes 7 comments
why am I not getting charms
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12/9 update issues-
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Power-ups disappearing after purchase in Fringo
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VIP Cashback coin card - Do all bets add to our coin card total?
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regarding vip gems
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How do i lock my suite to certain people?
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